Installing Tagaroo in your WordPress blog is just like installing any
other WordPress plugin, with one additional step.

If you’d like to review the official WordPress instructions on installing
plugins, visit This would be a good idea if you’ve never
installed a plugin before.

One: Make certain your blog and browser meet these requirements:
1) You must be running a compatible version of WordPress (the most recent version we currently support is WordPress 3.6).

2) You must have a hosted site (or your own server) where you have access to install plugins.Blogs hosted on won’t work with Tagaroo

3) When you’re writing a new post Tagaroo requires IE10 and above and Chrome35 and above.

Two: Download Tagaroo. If your browser doesn’t do it for you, then unzip the file. When you’re done you’ll have a folder called “Tagaroo” Upload that folder to the “wp-content/plugins” folder on your blog where the rest of your plugins are.

Three: Go to your site, navigate to the plugins section and activate Tagaroo.

Four: Like Akismet and some other plugins, Tagaroo needs a key to operate. This key gives you access to the Calais service -that’s the engine behind Tagaroo that allows it to automagically locate tags in your posts. To get your key, go to and follow the registration

Registration has two steps:
1) Register on the site
2) Register for an API key


It takes about one minute and the key will be immediately emailed to you. We’ll try to make this easier in the future.


Five: When you receive your key, copy it and go to the settings page in WordPress. Click on Tagaroo and paste the key into the “key” space. Click and you’re done – go ahead and begin writing!